August 22, 2010


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As and interior decorator and home stager, it is my job to keep current with trends and to create transformations. In this spirit, I have spent the past few weeks giving my business a much-needed update!

I have been in this business over twenty-two years.  Wow, who would have thought!?  I began by fabricating soft goods–table skirts, pillows, etc–for various interior designers.  In the beginning I operated as CSDesigns.  Through the years, I expanded my skills and services to include interior decorating, home staging, faux finishing, color selection, and custom fabrication. All was well.

However, after a relocation, I opted to rename my business. Why? On that point I’m not really clear! Maybe it was just an opportunity for a fresh start, or maybe it was the belief that a new image was necessary to better compete with decorating and design firms already established in this area. Or maybe it was just because what I considered to be a great name popped into my head!  I opted for the name Carrington Row Interiors and have operated under that name for the past twelve years.

Recently, while talking with former clients turned friends, the topic turned to my business and choice of business name. These clients indicated a “disconnect” between the name and who I am, what I provide, and the cost of my services. They admitted the name was actually off-putting because it conveyed highbrow services that would be “too expensive”.

I was flabbergasted! It amazed me that as someone trained to see things from varied perspectives, I never saw a reason to look at this.  Well, I’m all about taking action, so I proceeded to poll former clients, and sure enough, most of them didn’t “get the name” and thought it did nothing to represent ME, which is the core of my business.  Uh oh, major problem!

The essence of what I do is transform interior spaces.  I do so with a practical eye, under realistic budgetary constraints, and with a focus on creating an environment my clients can’t wait to come home to. I take what I do seriously, but do it without seriousness…I bring a light-hearted, fun, relaxed approach to interior decorating.  I believe everyone should reside in a space that reflects their personality and lifestyle–this isn’t only for the rich and famous! Seriously…there is nothing of me reflected in the Carrington Row Interiors name!  Ergo, I am unveiling my NEW and IMPROVED business image and would like to introduce you to transformation interiors by tina!

Transforming a space should be FUN! It should bring new life to the space, and to those who inhabit the space! It should balance the client’s needs, tastes and budget! When finished, it should be a unique, affordable, attractive and practical representation of the client and not just another cookie-cutter space!  Therefore, gone is the elitist, over-priced, stuffy image, and in its place a clearer, lighter, and more accessible one.

While all this talk about fun and lightness make me giddy, I want to convey that in no way does my approach to interior decorating and home staging minimize my ability to meet  my primary objective…creating great space transformations that result in satisfied clients!

So I missed the mark with my former image, but as is par for life, mistakes offer opportunity for learning and growth!  I don’t have the desire to be a Park Avenue decorator or one that is available only to a select group of people.  I enjoy working with people who want to improve their space (and therefore their lives) without the budget of a small country! I like helping people achieve the look they want on a “Regular Joe’s” income.  I relish the joy I see in people’s eyes when they finally have a sense of “coming home” because their space is so them!  I engage my clients in the process–it’s their space, why should they stand on the sidelines? People trust me to come into their homes and turn their desires into reality; I am honored by that trust and it is my responsibility to deliver what is expected, and more.

It has been my experience, when all is said and done, what begins as a homeowner reaching out for help blossoms into a genuine relationship between decorator and client.  Carrington Row Interiors spoke nothing of that; it is my desire that transformation interiors by tina does! This reawakening of my core values and desires around decorating is my great transformation! So, all around, I think the name fits.

Until next time,

Viva con Gioia!

The DotComDecorator


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