October 3, 2010

Painting Shoes

Posted in Decorating at 8:22 am by dotcomdecorator

Today, just a quick light-hearted post…  

I learned some time ago the importance of wearing good support shoes while working on one’s feet. I have an older pair of Skecher’s that have become my “go to” shoe for painting. They aren’t exactly industry sanctioned painting
shoes–they’re slip on tennis shoes–but, they provide support, offer easy on and off when I’m working in a client’s home, and are a testimonial to the many paints and finishes I’ve worked with over the years!  

The other day I was finishing up a job before a much-anticipated vacation. I packed my supplies, took my dogs out for a walk, and dashed off to the job site. I set up and began painting before I realized something wasn’t quite
right. I looked down and instead of my painting shoes, I had on my very girly, white and sequined shoes! These were a recent birthday gift from my daughter and the thought of splattering hot pink or vibrant orange paint on them wasn’t an option!  

I assessed the situation: They are light tennis shoes so they did offer some support–I know the residual effects of working barefooted and didn’t want to endure those; stopping to go get my paint shoes would put me behind schedule; I would be going home at lunch time, so I could get the painting shoes then. I made my decision:  

painting shoes

painting shoes


In the world of decorating, getting the job done often requires flexibility and ingenuity! This look may not earn me points as a fashionista, but the room looks great, I saved my shoes from ruin, and I’m enjoying my vacation!  

Until next time,  

Viva Con Gioia!  

The DotComDecorator


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