October 14, 2010

The Chandelier Project

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My apologies…I intended to write about and share pictures of the “chandelier project” as soon as I finished. However, as is normal in my life, I got engrossed in other things–primarily planning for a vacation! Now that I’ve returned and am trying to find the groove of daily routine, I will begin with updating my blog.

If you know me, you know I’m not afraid to try anything! If I don’t like the way something looks now, what do I have to lose in “messing it up” if things go horribly wrong? Exactly.  Such was the case with the dining room chandelier. It was one of those projects I’ve had on my radar for years, but replacing it with what I really wanted was out of my budget; sometimes I do ask for husband’s permission (most times I just plan on asking forgiveness, if necessary!) and he thought the fixture was just fine as it was; and while I knew I wanted to change the shape of the fixture, I wasn’t sure if or how I could do that. Finally, I had an idea and waited for the opportunity, which meant I waited until I had a few days home alone to complete the project or find a replacement fixture quickly. I was finally going to eliminate the last of the bright brass in my house!

When we purchased this house nearly 13 years ago, it was almost finished and the lighting had all been installed. Coming from Virginia–the home of the Colonial brass chandelier–I wasn’t opposed to the dining room fixture.


Chandelier before

Chandelier before


However, over the years my tastes and decorating style have evolved and I’m a big fan of the relaxed European/French/Italian looks. I love the combination of these styles because they are eclectic, timeless, and comfortable.  The combination of furnishings that have, or appear to have, been passed down through family, with the addition of newer items, along with mixed fabrics and finishes, is the secret of this style.  Mixing periods, furniture styles, and combining glitz with the rugged, gives further authenticity to the look. Bright brass Colonial chandeliers just don’t make the cut though.

I have been making a few changes to my dining room and renovating the light fixture is one key component. While I will post detailed steps on www.dotcomdecor.com, for now here’s the short version:  I turned off the power, removed the fixture, took it apart, and cleaned each piece and did a light scratch-coat sanding. I did not like the original shape–too clunky–so I cannibalized a silver candle stick (which ended up needing the center drilled out and was F-U-N!) to give the fixture a more streamlined appearance. I drilled minute holes in the candle drip cups (those things that go around the base of the lights), and utilized Christmas ornaments to make crystal pendants. The fixture got a couple of coats of black spray paint, then a decorative glaze to give it an aged bronze appearance. Everything was reassembled–twice–and rehung. The power turned back on and viola’! my “new” dining room chandelier…


finished chandelier

finished chandelier


It makes the room more inviting, and updated, and I love the juxtaposition of the bronze and crystal against my painted hutch with the chicken-wire doors.

This is the third light fixture I have painted with excellent results. If the fixture is cleaned and prepped properly, and you take time with the painting, the finish will hold up well. If you want step-by-step instructions, I will get them posted at www.dotcomdecor.com as soon as possible!

I can’t wait to finish the room–change the window covering, purchase an antique rush seat bench, and I might take the dining chairs back to a wood tone.  I’m sure I’ll let you know what I’m up to next!

Until next time,

Viva Con Gioia!

The DotComDecorator


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