November 5, 2010

Things I Adore

Posted in Decorating at 8:56 am by dotcomdecorator

There are certain patterns, colors, textures, and items that I simply adore. I find myself gravitating to them over and over, and no matter how many of them I have or how often I’ve used them in decorating, I still get the “warm fuzzies”!

Some of those adored items include anything with harlequin diamonds, topiaries, mercury glass, serving platters with pedestal bases, and toile fabrics.  While these items work well together, I’m not fond of feeling penned in by too many things. Besides, when it comes to decorating, the adage “less is better” generally holds true.

Even though the desire to add another favorite thing to my collection exists, I let reason take over. I rein myself in and a good majority of the time, refrain.  (Fortunately I have client’s homes as additional outlets, so I am often able to make the purchase, but for someone else’s decor!) However, I have identified the “free pass”, the one time I can get away with “more is more”…when I decorate for Christmas!

In the past, I’ve incorporated my Christmas decor into my everyday–I didn’t like the disruption to what I’m so comfortable with. I’m shaking things up this year!

I have decided to incorporate as many of the above-mentioned favorites as is possible! Despite my kids’ nose-wrinkling objection to the use of black and white for Christmas, I’m going to do it this year!  Black, white and silver, with accents of ???–whatever moves me! Mixture of scroll patterns, harlequin diamonds, topiaries, silver–mercury glass whenever possible–and the footed servers! Of course, the nutcracker collection, snowmen, and nativity scene will find a place, but in new, fun, and funky ways!

The holidays are always a busy time for my business, but this year, I’m taking time to release my creative side and enjoy the celebration in my own home, in my own way! I’m going to embrace it this year…no more rush to put it up the day after Thanksgiving and take it all down the day after Christmas, I promise. I have ideas for a few hand-crafted items, and as I create those, I will share with you here.

Oooohhhh, gotta go, the ideas are coming in fast and furious!  If you have some fun ideas you think I should incorporate, pass them along!

Until next time,

Viva Con Gioia!

The DotComDecorator


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