August 4, 2011

Executive Decision!

Posted in Decorating at 8:17 am by dotcomdecorator

In today’s economy, many self-employed individuals are scrambling for business, maximizing every opportunity, utilizing websites, direct mail, and other means of getting the word out. I tried this, too. What I found is a) I have no true desire to grow my business–Transformation Interiors by Tina–at this point in my life; b) I don’t like all the extra work–it takes me away from the actual design work; and c) For all the expense and effort, I still get 100% of my business through referral. So, as I have done for the previous 23 years, I will rely on my satisfied clients to refer others to me! That said, beginning August 10th, I will no longer have a website. However, I will continue to blog!

I realized my true intention of having a website wasn’t to draw in more business, but to share my projects, answer questions, or provide inspiration. I can do that here! This is what I really enjoy…sharing with others who are interested in good interior design. I look forward to discussing topics of interest, sharing pictures of my projects, providing DIY project instructions, and  inspiring your inner decorator! Oh, and now that I don’t have website maintenance to distract me…perhaps I can post more regularly!

Looking forward to new opportunities to share with you!

Until next time,

Viva Con Gioia!

The DotComDecorator


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